Good news, everyone!

1. There are now more $5 tickets to buy online. Eventbrite’s sliding scale system meant working some crazy magic, but we want to make sure people have full ticket options. And on a related note, thanks so much to all those that paid on the higher end of the scale! Project Reboot appreciates the support.

2. The tape player finally works! Take it for a spin. Headphones are recommended because sound quality is less than ideal, but it still gives a pretty great idea of what we’re about.

Now that we’re in the final countdown, it’s a good time to check out some of the bands playing Tuesday on youtube/spotify/yr favorite media player. Part of what we want to do is expose ourselves and each other to awesome bands that we may not be that familiar with, and nothing beats singing with the band. So check out the bands, memorize some lyrics, and get ready for a great night!