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The votes are in !

Using the information from the survey, we’ve compiled the list of bands performing at this year’s Anti-Valentine’s Day cover band show!

In absolutely no particular order:

Babes in Toyland





Mika Miko

Heavens to Betsy


Thanks to everyone who entered. As much as we’d like to hear from all of the great bands that were proposed, there’s only so much music that can fit into one night. We encourage bands that didn’t make it this year to try again next year, or to even set up new shows!

Questions?  Check out our FAQs, or email us!


4 responses to “The votes are in !

  1. Charlene Obernauer ⋅

    woah!! nice website!!

  2. manifestoshewrote ⋅

    YES! i am so excited!!!

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