Good news, everyone!

1. There are now more $5 tickets to buy online. Eventbrite’s sliding scale system meant working some crazy magic, but we want to make sure people have full ticket options. And on a related note, thanks so much to all those that paid on the higher end of the scale! Project Reboot appreciates the support.

2. The tape player finally works! Take it for a spin. Headphones are recommended because sound quality is less than ideal, but it still gives a pretty great idea of what we’re about.

Now that we’re in the final countdown, it’s a good time to check out some of the bands playing Tuesday on youtube/spotify/yr favorite media player. Part of what we want to do is expose ourselves and each other to awesome bands that we may not be that familiar with, and nothing beats singing with the band. So check out the bands, memorize some lyrics, and get ready for a great night!


Revolution GRRRL-Style Now: The Official Show Lineup!

It took a little bit, but we finally worked out a line-up that mostly works for the busy, talented New Yorkers about the rock our world on the 14th. In order:

The Frumpies
Mika Miko
Heavens to betsy
Babes in Toyland

Doors open at 6:30/music starts promptly at 7:30. This is not your normal punk show – we got lots of music to fit into a small time period and the show has pretty consistently sold out so we recommend getting there on time (and not punk time).  Buy tickets at the door or online (small service fee warning!)

The votes are in !

Using the information from the survey, we’ve compiled the list of bands performing at this year’s Anti-Valentine’s Day cover band show!

In absolutely no particular order:

Babes in Toyland





Mika Miko

Heavens to Betsy


Thanks to everyone who entered. As much as we’d like to hear from all of the great bands that were proposed, there’s only so much music that can fit into one night. We encourage bands that didn’t make it this year to try again next year, or to even set up new shows!

Questions?  Check out our FAQs, or email us!

You got questions? We got answers!

Why didn’t my band get chosen for the show?

First, sorry! We wish we had time for more bands, it was definitely hard to narrow down to the final list. Also, almost all of the bands got a pretty decent show of support, and final results were close. It may be cold comfort, but bands that didn’t make it this year will be favored when it comes to next year’s show. Keep reading to find out about our process of choosing and why yours didn’t make this year’s cut.

How did these bands get chosen?

This year, we took votes on survey monkey to find out what bands people would most like to see. We felt this might be a good response to some of the concerns that were expressed regarding last year’s show, which was done on a first come, first serve kind of basis. Since not everyone knew who to approach with their band idea, this process tended to favor those who had played in the show before and/or had a lot of familiarity with the participants. We wanted this year’s process to fit more with our mission – hence, the survey.

Can I take the survey?

Sorry, we’ve counted the votes, which means taking the survey down.  If you didn’t get a chance to vote and are just curious about the options, we asked for a ranking of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the following bands: Mika Miko, X, Hole, Spitboy, Discount, Julie Ruin, The Slits, Liz Phair, Dog Faced Hermans, the Frumpies, Babes in Toyland, Lunachicks, Mecca Normal, Talulah Gosh, Sleater-Kinney, Raincoats, Tilt, Huggy Bear, and Heavens to Betsy.  We also asked for an email address both for a mailing list and to discourage voting multiple times.

Can I get on the mailing list?

Yes! Email us.

So were bands chosen based solely on votes?

Pretty much!  We basically chose the bands with the most overall votes and with the highest ranking.  We also took into account if bands had played before (for example, we wouldn’t want Bikini Kill to be covered every year, great as they are… there’s more riot grrrl out there to discover!) and if bands used voting practices that we felt to be in contrast with the community spirit of our mission, such as voting for themselves more than once and/or only voting for one band, instead of giving a second and third choice.  Although we didn’t throw these votes out, we did take uneven voting into account.  We want bands that are looking to be part of a great community and a great show, not bands that just want to show off their stuff.

My band got picked!  What do I do now?

Congrats!  I’d say it’s a good time to finalize your line-up and start practicing.

But I don’t have a full line-up yet!

We didn’t require that bands have all their members lined up before submitting.  If your band got chosen and you still need a guitar player, drummer, whatever, there are plenty of incredibly talented players out there who might love to join you.  It’s not necessary, but we would really love bands to take on the spirit of our mission by prioritizing people that haven’t played in the show before.  If you need some ideas, you can email me.

My band didn’t get chosen but I still want to be involved!

That’s great!  You can support other bands by assisting in things like finding practice spaces or sharing equipment.  But most importantly, come to the show!  Also, if you or anyone you know does design: email us, we’re looking for a new flyer for this year’s show!

Who will be tabling?

So far we have Petroleuse Press, Brooklyn Female Film Co-op, For the Birds, and Support New York.  There are two spots left, email to reserve a table!

Why are there 8 bands instead of 7? (new question!)

We chose a backup when we weren’t sure if a band could confirm, when both bands were able to play we decided that they would split a short set.

4th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Riot Grrrl Cover Band Show: Call for bands and submissions!

Join us in protest of capitalist/hetero-sexist/hetero-normative traditions of Valentine’s Day by coming out to see or play in your favorite riot grrrl bands! 

The show will be at Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd street, Williamsburg BK) on Tuesday, Febuary 14th, 2012. 

Band Submissions: 
This year, we will leave it up to YOU to decide which bands play the show! 
How it works: 
– Email your band submissions to Carolanne at no later than November 4th, 2011. Keep your bands in the vein of Riot Grrrl. You don’t need to have your band fully formed in order to submit; sometimes people decide on their bands and then figure out the details of who will play in your band, who’s playing what, etc. 

– On November 6th, we will send out an online poll/survey monkey with all the bands that have been submitted; you will have until November 18th to voice your opinion. The 7 most voted bands will be playing this show this year! 
* note: we will consider who hasn’t been able to play yet, and who has played numerous times in the past few years. We want to keep this fresh and make sure that people who haven’t played before are able to. 

– We will officially announce the lineup on November 24th, 2011. This gives you a little over 2 months to get your band ready for the show! 

Deciding on what bands will play is always difficult. If only we could do this all the time! We’re excited to try this new, more democratic approach. The question of who will get these email blasts is of course an issue, and it’s hard to get as many people as we want to- we only know so many people! So we need your help in forwarding this email and the survey widely, so to include as many people as possible who are interested in this sort of thing. 

Table Submissions: 
Do you have a business/organization/activist group/art/whatever that’s diy/feminist-minded, and would like to have a presence at the show? 
How it works:
Email your submission to Kat at by November 18th and tell us what your table will look like! 
– We will announce tables along with the band lineup on November 24th. 

*Keep in mind that we can only have about 6 tables. Just like with the band lineup, we encourage tables that haven’t tabled before at the Anti-Valentine’s day shows before. Keepin’ it fresh! 

Have fun!!
– Kathi, Kat and Carolanne
Bands that have not been covered yet strongly encouraged!!!
Babes in Toyland
Tribe 8
The Need
Slant 6
Heavens to Betsy
Cold Cold Hearts
Erase Errata
Julie Ruin
…and more!